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My Discussion forum says "No items found"

**_Issue in_: **Blackboard "My Discussion forum says 'No items found', but I know classmates have posted / I have made previous post" **_Cause_: ** The discussion forum display settings are set to display a view that does not contain any post. **_Solution:_** 1. Discussion forums have multiple display views. If…

Concord Pages won't load correctly

If you are experiencing issues loading Concord pages, or receiving errors when signing in (, Blackboard, MyCU, Banner) try **clearing your Browser Cache**. This can be done by following the guides for each web browser below (for Mac & PC): Copy & paste the links below. 1. Apple (Mac & iOS): [https://clea…

Blackboard not working on mobile devices

First uninstall and reinstall the app, then reopen the app, and select Concord University in the school section. Tap "**Web Login**". This will direct you to our Microsoft sign-in page, where you sign in with your Concord E-Mail address & password. If the issue continues, please contact the help desk by creating a t…

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