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Post Adobe Spark Video to Blackboard
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Videos published through Adobe Spark can be added and embedded into your Blackboard courses. Follow the steps below to publish your Adobe Spark video to Blackboard: 


1. In Adobe Spark, once you are finished with your video, click the Share button at the top of the screen. 


2. Click Publish


3. Edit any information that you'd like on the Publish page and click Continue at the bottom. 


4. On the Share section, you will see a link. You can share this link itself, but the best option would be to embed your video. Click on the Embed icon towards the bottom. You can see it in the screenshot below: 


5. Highlight and copy the entire code


6. Navigate to Blackboard and to the content area where you would like to post the video. 


7. Highlight the Build Content button at the top and select Item


8. Provide a title and scroll down to the text editor. Here, click the "Source Code" icon, as shown in the image below: 


9. Paste the code that you copied earlier into the Source code box:


10. Click the Save button and then click Submit. Your video will now be available from your Blackboard course

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