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Microsoft Office for Students
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Available to enrolled students only


Concord has joined Microsoft's Student Advantage Program where enrolled students at CU can download and install the latest full copy of Microsoft Office for windows or mac on up to five machines as well as run the iPhone or Android editions of Office Mobile.


Here is how it works:


Students at Concord are licensed and eligible to download and use the full version of Microsoft Office for as long as they are an enrolled student at CU.  If you do not return to CU (excluding summer terms) or graduate from CU your license to use Office is removed per Microsoft's licensing terms. When the license is removed you will see 'Your subscription has expired' in about 24 hours and Office will enter a 'reduced functionality mode' which means you may only do basic functions like view, print and basic editing.

Note: It is important that the machines Office is installed on have internet access as Office will contact the licensing site periodically to verify your license status, if it cannot contact the site within a short period of time it will deactivate and enter 'reduced functionality mode'.


How to Install Office

Follow instructions here Installing Office on your Computer


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