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Using the Password Reset/Forgot Password Features in Office 365
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New Students and Employees First Login

- New students can retrieve their new account information from our account retrieval page
They also receive a welcome email from us containing your student ID number and links to important services on campus.  After retrieving your new account, login for the first time at You will be prompted to change the temporary password and setup your password reset features.

- New employees will receive your username/email address and temporary password from the HR office during the onboarding process.
To login to your email account for the first time and setup your password reset options, go to

You will see the following login screen:

Enter the full email address provided to you in your welcome email or HR packet, click next, then enter the temporary password provided.

You will now see this window to change your password:

Enter the temporary password provided to you in the 'Current password' field, then enter a new password.
This password will become your new password for use in all of Concord’s labs, offices and online resources.

NOTE:  A strong password is required, please use at least 10 characters, one upper case letter, one lower case, and a number.  Special characters are also recommended.

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Password Reset Setup
You will be asked to provide information that will be used for authentication purposes if you forget your password or you change your password:

You will need to set up at least 1 of the authentication options listed, setting up both is highly recommended in case one method is not accessible at the time of use. 
Click Set it up now to continue.  You will be asked to verify the information you enter.
Click FINISH when you have completed at least 1 of the setup options, it is recommended you do both. 

NOTE:  If you click cancel without completing at least 1 of the options listed, you will be reminded on every login. The password change or forgot my password option will not be available to you until it is completed.

You can update or change your authentication information at any time by using this link:  UPDATE MY PASSWORD RESET INFORMATION

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If you forget your password, click the Forgot my password link on the Office 365 login screen:

In the 'Who are you?' screen enter your full email address and the characters shown, you can click the speaker icon to have the characters read to you, or click the refresh icon for a new set of characters.  Click next when ready:

You will be taken to the verification screen to choose the authentication method Office 365 will use to contact you, make sure to enter the same phone number or email address you entered during the password reset setup process:

If the authentication is successful, you will be allowed to change your password, please use a strong password.  You can then login using the new password.

You may also use this link for a forgotten password:  FORGOT MY PASSWORD

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You can change your password at any time using the Change Password option within your Office 365 account.  After logging in to your account, click on your name in the upper right corner, then click View Account:  

choose the PASSWORD option on the left sidebar or CHANGE PASSWORD on the center menu:

 Optionally, you may use this link to change your password, you will need to know your current password:    CHANGE MY PASSWORD

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For assistance with the above processes, click the 'Need assistance?' link on the login screen.  You may also call the helpdesk at 304-384-5291 or email at [email protected].


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