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OneDrive - Storage Information and Cleanup
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OneDrive Storage Limit Information:

Beginning February 1st, 2024, Microsoft will begin enforcing a new storage limit for students, faculty and staff on their OneDrive account.  This limit changes based on your current status with the university.  

If you are currently exceeding this limit your OneDrive will be set to read-only and desktop syncing will be paused until you lower your storage to below the limit.
To see how much storage you are currently using on OneDrive, follow these steps:


1)  Login to your Office 365 email via the web at


2)  Click on the Apps Launcher in the upper left corner, looks like a tic tac toe board:


3)  Choose OneDrive from the apps menu:


4)  Your storage limit and the currently used amount is shown in the lower left:

To Delete or Download Files:

1)  Click on My Files in the left sidebar menu to see a list of all your files

2)  Select the files or folders you want to Delete or Download then choose the task you want to do:


Download any files you want to keep then Delete to remove them from OneDrive and free up available storage.


If you have any questions about the information provided above, contact the IT Helpdesk.


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