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DegreeWorks User Guide

# * [Welcome to DegreeWorks 5][1] * [Sign in][2] * [Worksheets][3] * [Search by Student ID][4] * [Academic (Student View)][5] * [Graduation GPA Calculator][6] * [Term GPA Calculator][7] * [Advice GPA Calculator][8] * [Class History][9] * [Notes][10] * [Format][11] * [Cards][12] * [Legend][13…

How to activate your Concord Zoom account

First time Zoom users should use the following Zoom URL to trigger the account creation * Go to [][1] * Use your full Concord email address and Concord password > NOTE: If you are currently logged into [][2] with a personal account, you must sign out of your personal acc…

Accessing MyCampus employee intranet

To access MyCampus, visit, select **Faculty/Staff** > **MyCampus (Employee Intranet).** To login, use your MyCU username & password, which is the **first part of your E-Mail before the @ symbol**, with the same password as well. If you need assistance recovering your password, visit accounts.concord.…

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