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Self-Service Tour
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Accessing Student Self-Service 


In the User Portal, in the Tools menu on the left of the screen, click Student Self-Service under the Everyday Tools dropdown.




Personal Information Tab


Allows you to view information on file about yourself such as:


  1. Address
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Emergency Contacts



Student Tab


Resources available under the Student Tab include:


  • Class schedule and Registration Information
  • Student Records such as:
    1. Transcripts
    2. Midterm and Final Grades
    3. Academic Advisor
  • Student Account
    1. Charges billed to student for tuition and fees. Can be shown in detail or in summary, by term or for the entire time at CU.



To Apply for On/Off Campus Housing


From your Self-Service account, navigate to the Student Tab, then to one of the Housing Request Forms.



To Access Financial Aid Information


Once inside of your account, you will navigate to the Financial Aid Tab.


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