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Sample CTO Account Letter for New Students
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Student ID:  774 ID HERE


It is our pleasure to welcome you to Concord University. First, follow the instruction link below to activate your Concord account. Then take some time to familiarize yourself with the key technologies you’ll be using while attending Concord University.

You may find your account access instructions by visiting the Admitted Student Account Retrieval Page.

System Availability

Blackboard, the MyConcordU Portal, and DegreeWorks may take 2-3 additional business days to be accessible using your new account. Courses aren't available in Blackboard until classes begin. Your e-mail account and Office 365 are available immediately.

Key Technologies

MyConcordU is our University’s portal and will be your home-base for accessing technology resources while at Concord. There, you will be able to access Financial Aid information, grades, view events, locate important forms, view your Residence Hall assignment and roommate information, and communicate with faculty members ellow students. MyConcordU also provides links to additional resources (University email, Blackboard, Degreeworks, etc.). Download the MyConcordU mobile app here.

Office 365 provides University email and additional Microsoft applications. You can begin checking your CU email now to stay informed as you approach the beginning of your time at Concord. Additionally, you are given the full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) while you are enrolled as a student, as well as 1TB of OneDrive Cloud storage for free.

Blackboard is our Learning Management System. You will use Blackboard to access online courses, view supplemental information for in-person classes, submit assignments, communicate with your professors, and so on. Content will be available in Blackboard at the start of each semester.

DegreeWorks provides information about your progress towards earning your degree. You can access DegreeWorks by logging in to MyConcordU and selecting DegreeWorks under the Tools panel. Please feel free to begin using DegreeWorks now so that you can become familiar with how it operates and how it can help as you progress towards graduation. This is an invaluable tool for staying informed and planning course schedules year-over-year.

CU Alerts provides notifications regarding Closures, Delays, and Emergencies. You have been automatically subscribed to this service with the creation of your new account. You can manage your subscription and notification settings by visiting CU Alerts and logging in using the MyConcordU option. You may also encourage family and friends to sign up for notifications using the Direct Login option at the URL above.

Should you need assistance with information technology, the Information Technology Services Help Desk is prepared to support you.

If you have questions regarding your account activation, or with any of the information included above, please reach out to IT. Again, on behalf of the entire technology team, welcome to Concord University!


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