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How to forward your office phone

Open the ShoreTel communicator application from your PC and go to **Options **and select **Call Handling Mode** > **Custom**. Choose **Always **under Forward calls. Click **Change Destination..**. and enter your phone # with a leading 9 (e.g. 3045551212 would be 93045551212) and click **Ok**. Click on Call **Handling …

Can I keep my CU email after I leave or finish school?

The Alumni Association issues our new graduates email accounts using the domain. It is highly recommended graduates migrate their email to the new alumni account. This can be facilitated through setting email forwarding from your student account to your new alumni account. Current Alumni can also …

How to Forward Your Email to Another Account

**How to Forward Your Email to Another Account: ** 1. Login to Office 365 _[(][1]_) 2. Click **Settings (**the** **gear icon in the upper right-hand of your screen). 3. At the bottom of the Settings panel, Click **View all Outlook settings** – then Click **Mail**. 4. Click **Forward…

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