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How to Set Up Forgotten Password Resets

In order to receive 24/7 password reset support, you must customize your security questions by doing the following: 1. Go to [][1] 2. Select the [Reset Security Questions][2] 3. Follow the prompts on the screen [1]: [2]:…

New Account Setup

To set up a new Concord University student account, please complete the following: **_Activate Your Account_** Complete the following steps: 1. In the browser of your choice open [][1] 2. Under **First Login and Password Reset** select [Reset Password][2] 3. Enter your account name. This wa…

Change your MyCU Password

Please visit to **** > select "**Change Password**" > type in your Mycu username for** Account Name > **then type in your current password in the **Old Password **section. Type in your new password, and it again to confirm > click "**Next"** . **For Password Requirements**: Passwords must be _AT LE…

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