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How to forget a wireless network on a Mac

When experiencing Wi-Fi issues while connected to cusecure or CUPUBLIC , try "forgetting" the wifi connections. To do this: Open " System Preferences" (gear icon)  > Click " Network"  > then select cusecure  or  CUPUBLIC  from the list and click the minus  “ - ” icon just below the Wi-Fi list to forget & rem…

How to Uninstall Respondus Lockdown Browser (Mac)

To Uninstall: 1.) Open Finder > Select Applications (Typically on the Left-Hand Pane)> Find and select LockDown Browser > Select “ File ” then “ Move to Trash ” Alternatively, just drag the program to the trash bin located at the bottom of the screen. 2.) Now, empty the trash . If this does not work:  y…

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