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How to forget a wireless network on a Mac

When experiencing Wi-Fi issues while connected to **cusecure **or **CUPUBLIC**, try "forgetting" the wifi connections. **_To do this: _** Open "**System Preferences" (gear icon) **> Click "**Network"** > then select **cusecure **or **CUPUBLIC** from the list and click the **minus **“**-**” icon just below the Wi-Fi …

How to forget & reconnect to a wireless network in Windows

When connected to Concord Wi-Fi, (**cusecure**/**CUPUBLIC**) if you are having issues accessing the internet, try clearing your wireless network settings, or "Forgetting the Network". ![][1] **_In Windows_**: Go to **Settings **> **Network & Internet** > **Wi-Fi **> **"Manage Known Networks" > ** Select **cusecure *…

Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks

**Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks** **Students, Faculty, and Staff** **Public Access** **Devices **(Apple TVs, Firesticks, Chromecasts, & Smart Devices) Wireless Network Name CUSECURE CUPUBLIC CU_IOT How to Connect This requires a concord username and password This does not require authentication The passphrase is …

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