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What happens if I drop a course?

If you drop a course, you should return any printed materials for that course to the Campus Store immediately.  If you drop a course during the first five days of a regular term, or the first three days of a summer term, and return the materials to the Campus Store within that time, you will not be charged for the co…

What will the charge look like on my tuition bill?

The charge will display on your Concord tuition bill as ‘Follett Access Textbook Program’.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Follett ACCESS?

You can contact the Student Accounts Office or the Campus Store with any questions about the program.

What is the Follett Access Textbook Program?

Follett ACCESS is a partnership between Concord University and the Campus Store that allows you to rent course materials at a significantly reduced cost. The charge is posted directly to your Concord University tuition and fees bill and can be paid along with your University charges or using financial aid. See att…

How do I know if my books are provided by Follett ACCESS?

All required books are provided by Follett ACCESS unless you opt-out of the program.

The Benefits of Follet ACCESS

This agreement allows participating students to benefit from collective bargaining.  Since Follett can guarantee publishers a higher sales volume, the publisher gives Follett a discount and that discount is passed on to the students.

Do I have to return the materials?

Yes, all printed materials must be returned at the end of the semester.  But don’t worry, the Campus Store will send you a reminder.

How do I sign up for Follett ACCESS?

You are automatically signed up for Follett ACCESS each semester.  If you choose not to participate in this money saving program, you must opt-out each semester.

How do I access my materials?

* Printed materials will be at the Campus Store at the start of the term. * Digital material will be loaded into Blackboard and Follett will send an email to all recipients of digital material providing access to the required material.

How do I opt-out of Follett ACCESS?

Simply log into your Follett ACCESS account. Remember the election to opt-out applies to the term as a whole. You cannot opt-out of individual courses. You can opt back in to the program for a term until the end of the Last Day for Schedule Changes, as published in the Academic Calendar. After this date, all particip…

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