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Setup email on Windows phone

[Set up email on Windows Phone][1] [1]:

Setup email on a Blackberry

[Set up email on a BlackBerry][1] [1]:

Setup email in Mac OS X Mail

[Set up email in Mac OS X Mail][1] [1]:

Setup Office 365 using Outlook for iOS mobile app

[Set up email in Outlook for iOS mobile app][1] [1]:

Setup Office 365 on the Outlook for Android app

[Set up email in the Outlook for Android app][1] [1]:

Setup Office 365 on your Android Phone or Tablet

[Set up email in Android email app][1] [1]:

Setup Office 365 using iPhone or IPad iOS mail app

[Set up an Outlook account on the iOS Mail app][1] [1]:

How to Access Your Student E-Mail

To access your student email, you can visit either ****, or go to**** > select "**Students**" > "**Office 365 E-mail**" Your E-Mail Address is your Concord username (i.e. what you use for Mycu) followed by ** ** Example:

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