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Blank screen during a lockdown session

Please visit the following page if you encounter a white or blank page during a Respondus Lockdown browser session: [ 90/25/blank-screen-during-a-lockdown-browser-session][1] [1]:…

Lockdown Browser is not compatible with personally owned Chromebook or windows 10 in S mode

"Respondus Lockdown Browser is not compatible with personally owned Chromebook or windows 10 in S mode" Unfortunately, Lockdown Browser does not work with a personally owned Chromebook for Concord University Classwork: [ 88/0/are-chromebook…

Creating Tests and Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

[Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing][1] [1]:

Respondus LockDown Browser, it will not open or closes itself

Open Task Manager, (or Activity Monitor **on Mac**) & look for the LockDown Browser in the process list, then select it and end it (if multiple of them are running, ending one of them should end them all at once). After that LockDown Browser should open normally. Alternatively, please try restarting your computer, in…

How to Uninstall Respondus Lockdown Browser (Mac)

To Uninstall: 1.) Open **Finder**> Select **Applications **(Typically on the Left-Hand Pane)> Find and **select LockDown Browser** > Select “**File**” then “**Move to Trash**” Alternatively, just drag the program to the trash bin located at the bottom of the screen. 2.) Now, **empty the trash**. **If this does not…

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