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Course Copy
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The Course Copy feature allows faculty to copy course contents from one course to another. Typically used at the start of a new semester to prepare the upcoming course. To copy the course content, follow these instructions: 


1. Navigate to the course that contains the content you wish to copy 

2. Scroll down to the Control Panel section in the bottom left corner of the course

3. Click on Packages and Utilities

4. Click on Course Copy

5. On Course Copy page, ensure that Copy Type is set to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course

6. Under Section 2, click Browse beside the Destination Course ID. 

7. On the pop-up, search for the course you want to copy the contents into. Click the bubble to the left of the course and click Submit. 

8. Click the Select All option to ensure that all content is copied over. 

9. Scroll down to find the Discussion Board option and select the option to "include only the forum, with no starter posts"

10. Scroll down to the bottom and click Submit


The process will take about 5-10 minutes to finish copying over to the new course. Any menu items that do not match the course template will appear at the bottom of the course menu in the new course. You will need to rearrange these items to match the previous course. Please see the attachment for included screenshots. 

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