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Concord University recognizes its obligation to responsibly handle sensitive information related to students, employees, and affiliates of the University. To assist in safeguarding such information, the University has implemented password management software.  This software, called MyPass, is designed to give faculty, staff, and students the ability to not only change the password on their accounts whenever they choose, but to also reset and unlock their accounts.


  • MyPass can be accessed by going to 
  • Users must be enrolled in the software before they can use it.  
    • All current CU students have been automatically enrolled into the software, and their security questions/answers have been pre-populated based on data stored in our database.
    • Faculty and staff will need to enroll themselves by going to the webpage and clicking on the Enroll link.  
  • In order to reset or unlock your account you must answer the three security questions attached to your account on MyPass.  
    • Students may change their default security questions to any of their choosing by selecting the Re-Enroll link.
    • When enrolling or re-enrolling all users can choose from either pre-defined questions, or they may create their own.
  • In order to change your password you must know your current password. 
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