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Multi-Factor Authentication Setup
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Concord has recently added multi-factor authentication as an extra layer of protection to faculty and staff Office 365 apps (email, teams, etc) to assist in preventing unauthorized access to personal and institutional information.  What is multi-factor authentication?   Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires an additional verification factor, in addition to a username or password, such as a verification code sent via text or via alternate email.  It ensures that you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone steals your password.

To aid in the inconvenience MFA adds to your daily work flow, Concord will only enforce MFA while users are NOT using a Concord resource, meaning while you are working in your office on your desktop PC, on Concord’s WiFi network or while using vpn, MFA will not be requested from you.  When you leave campus or disconnect from vpn, MFA will then be requested from you and you will be prompted to re-verify every 5 days you are not using a Concord resource. 

To prepare for MFA on your account, it is important that you confirm the verification information Concord has on record for you.  This information was already requested from you when you setup your password reset options, MFA uses this same information.  Please verify the information is correct and choose the method you prefer to use for MFA.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a new employee, the below verification steps are not necessary, the first time you login your Office 365 account, you will be prompted for your password reset and multi-factor information to use.  You can modify that information anytime by using this link:



Here is how to verify and update your verification information:

In your browser enter this url:
(Note:  This is the same as logging into your email using Outlook Web, clicking on your name in the upper right -> View Account -> Security Info)

If asked, login with your username and password, you will see this screen:

Your current sign-in verification method is shown and a number or email address, depending on your chosen method. Update this information by clicking CHANGE or click + Add sign-in method to add an additional method of verification, such as an alternate email address. You will be asked to verify any phone or email you enter before it will be accepted.

If you have any issues or questions in updating this information you may contact the helpdesk at [email protected] or 304-384-5291.


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