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Parking Permit Request Fails
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Issue in: Online Parking Permit Registration,


"We could not process your permit request because one or more of the items you provided on your request form is incorrect or you are not currently permitted to request a permit at this time."


Possible Causes:

  1. The First, Middle, and Last name data entered on the form doesn't match the information that is in our system.  
  2. You've entered your birth date incorrectly
  3. You've entered the incorrect last 4 of your SSN


  • Ensure that you enter your full, legal name and refrain from using any nicknames
  • Confirm that the birth date and SSN entered is correct
  • If you continue to have issues after confirming the information above, please contact the Registrar's office (1-304-384-5142) to validate your information in our system.  You should be able to successfully submit your parking request after incorrect information has been updated.  You will need to provide them information to confirm your identity before data will be updated.


If you continue to encounter issues after following the steps above, please contact our Help Desk at (304) 384 5291 or at [email protected]

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