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Helpful Tips for Zoom Recordings
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  • After downloading your recordings, you can easily trim the video in Windows 10 by right-clicking on the video, selecting “Open With” and choosing “Photos.” This provides an option in the upper right corner to edit where you can trim the beginning and end of the video to get rid of “dead space”


  • Windows 10 has a free editor titled, “Video Editor.” This will allow you to split a video and remove sections in the middle. If you would like Video Editor enabled on your office PC, please put in a Help Desk ticket to have it enabled. If you’re a Mac user, use iMovie to edit your videos.


  • You can temporarily change the destination folder of items you download from your browser. Create a new folder on your Desktop and name it “Zoom Recordings” and change the destination folder prior to downloading your Zoom recordings to have them conveniently placed into your Zoom Recordings folder for easier finding and management. To do this on Chrome, click on the Menu icon (at the upper right corner of the screen) and select “Settings.” In the Settings Search bar at the top of the page, type “Download” to find the setting to change the destination folder.


  • You can also choose to upload your recordings to YouTube for easy sharing and editing. YouTube provides their own in-browser editing to trim and split a clip to remove sections. During the upload process, make sure you select to have your video “unlisted.” Also, keep a copy in OneDrive or on your PC as YouTube is not considered permanent storage. Share your YouTube videos by using the same method for OneDrive, or you can embed videos directly into Blackboard (instructions to be posted on CTL webpage soon).


  • A CTL workshop on this topic was hosted earlier this week. A recording will be posted on the CTL website by Friday to demonstrate all of the steps above.
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