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Backing Up Homework and Personal Files
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Backing up your personal files and homework assignments should be done periodically in case of hardware failure. You should ideally have 3 different types of backups for your important documents and files, and not solely rely on the files saved to your internal hard drive.

  1. You should be backing up your documents on a thumb drive or external hard drive that you can easily remove from your device. Periodically, you should make a copy of that storage and put it somewhere offsite. In case of loss or theft make sure it’s encrypted. For Windows 10 Pro, there’s a built-in solution called Bitlocker, and Mac users can use FileVault 2.
  2. Use a cloud storage account with Google, Apple, Dropbox, Box, etc. For small amounts of data, these are usually free. You are granted 1TB (one terabyte) of storage space in OneDrive while you are affiliated with Concord University.
  3. Make physical copies, if digital copies are corrupted or lost you can always scan a physical copy and reconvert it into a word file, or pdf.
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